Top Things You Can Do In Glenside To Have Fun In 2018

Things you can do on your weekend visit to Glenside, PA

Choosing to spend your weekend in Glenside, PA is probably the best decision you may make this coming weekend. Within Glenside, Pennsylvania, there are a number of tourist attraction destinations that you'll for sure enjoy visiting. Besides, the area boasts of a wide range of entertainment joints and eateries to keep you refreshed throughout your stay in this census-designated place(CDP). As such, should you visit Glenside, PA over the weekend, there are plenty of activities you can involve yourself in that will keep your visit a memorable one.

Go for a show at the Keswick Theatre

Within the Keswick Village of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia suburb is a privately owned entertainment joint called The Keswick Theatre. This joint is just more than a theatre; it is a historic site (included in National Register of Historic Places in the year 1983) well known for hosting past popular acts as well as bands. The Keswick Theatre is also famous for playing host to a number of community events. Based on the number of years the Keswick Theatre has been in operation, you’ll for sure get the best entertainment by visiting this theatre.

Eat at Humpty’s Dumplings Restaurant

While in Glenside, PA and in the vicinity of the Keswick Theatre, probably before going for a show, you can just make a short walk to the right of the theatre to a nearby shop going by the name Humpty’s Dumplings. Despite the shop being small in size, they have still managed to wisely make good use of what’s available to them in terms of space. As such, they have set up sitting areas similar to those in high-end top bars next to individual tables. This restaurant prides itself on serving noodle plattersand salads. In addition, the restaurant is known to offer own food barbecue and buffalo sauce recipes in mild as well as spicy varieties at each table. With just a budget of $7, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy five servings of noodle platters and salads. Due to the quality of services at Humpty’s Dumplings restaurant, the eatery is a worth place to visit should you get closer to the Keswick Theatre in Glenside PA.

Go for swimming lessons Penbryn Park

Thinking of cooling yourself while still in Glenside, PA? Think no further than Penbryn Park. Next to the Penbryn Park, there are two adult swimming pools and a small wading pool for babies. Besides, there are also water slides within the facility. These swimming pools are purely meant to provide leisure to the touring population and nothing more. As such, the swimming pool facility does not entertain swimming lessons or swimming floaters for babies. The facility is well managed and has numerous trained staff on site ready to help their customers. What’s more, the pools and their surrounding are clean and have plenty of space for the visitors to relax. If you are thinking of going to swim and play in the pool with your buddies, you better look for a different venue away from Penbryn Park swimming pools.