Must See Landmarks In Glenside PA

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No activity can make your weekend tour to Glenside, PA more complete than moving around the city to see some of the U.S’s most popular landmarks. Some of these landmarks are of historic importance and have for some time been part of the U.S heritage. As such, here are a few selected must-see landmarks in Glenside, Pennsylvania you should consider paying a visit on your tour to the city.

The Highlands Mansion & Gardens

The garden sits on a 44-acre piece of land and it is located at 7001 Sheaf Lane, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania 19034. Within this historic facility sits an 18th-century Georgian design mansion and a garden. This site has a massive stone wall enclosing the beauty offered by this formal garden and the historic buildings. The garden offers a unique exhibition of the 20th Century blending of the architecture and horticulture. One major thing that's making this site a must-see landmark is the nine outbuildings featured within it, including the Gothic Revival gardener's cottage, springhouse, bank barn, smokehouse, and greenhouse. If you are a photography enthusiast, then visiting this garden may be dreams come true; the garden undisputedly provides one of the best scenes in Glenside, PA for photography. Besides, the mansion and the garden provide the best environment for you to celebrate your special day. It’s is important to note that the facility provides for advance reservation of tours, for both individual and group tours.

Historic Rittenhouse Town (Rittenhouse Historic District)

This historic site has been maintained for some years as a way of preserving the remains of an industrial community. This historical site is located at 207 Lincoln Dr, Philadelphia, PA 19144 in the United States of America. The building was acquired by Fairmount Park Commission of the City of Philadelphia and registered as a National Historic Landmark District on 27/04/1992. This site was previously used as a paper mill (paper made out of worn-out clothes) in the British North America. The site acts as a preservation center for a few of the mill building’s archaeological industrial remains. When you visit Historic Rittenhouse Town, you will have the opportunity to witness different demonstrations including cooking demos, and paper-making exhibitions. The management of the site also offers tours and special events to the visitors. The building itself is an exhibition of the early building standards for the colonial era; it’s built using stones and finished using stucco.

Germantown White House

This is probably one historical site you should never leave Glenside, PA without paying a visit. This mansion was previously known as Deshler–Morris House/Deshler House/Perot–Morris House. It is found in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania’s Germantown section. Historically, this site is important having been the oldest known and surviving presidential palace. The house was also used by President George Washington to convene four cabinet meetings. It is also known for having been the battle zone. It attracted war in 4/10/1777 after the British general Sir William Howe moved into it, in a war known called the Battle of Germantown. Germantown White House in two instances provided residency to the then president George Washington. In 1793 president George Washington stayed in this house to escape a deadly outbreak of yellow fever.