Dry Needling

Chiropractic Philadelphia PA Dry Needling

Dry needling is a treatment used in our Philadelphia PA and Ambler PA chiropractic clinics for pain and movement issues associated with myofascial trigger points. When dry needling is applied to an affected muscle or trigger point, it can decrease muscle tightness, increase blood flow and reduce pain. Patients often report immediate relief after treatment.

What Is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a technique where thin monofilament needles are inserted into pathological tissue to stimulate the muscle. This needle stimulation results in a release of muscle tone, increased blood flow to the area, and overall reduction of pain via the central nervous system. The microtrauma to the tissue accelerates the release of endorphins which are your body's natural pain relievers which shifts your body into a parasympathetic state.

Using needles is the only way to physiologically reach deeper tissue such as tendons, ligaments, and periosteum. This differs from acupuncture because dry needling is based on musculoskeletal pathology and anatomy; whereas acupuncture is based on chi and energy meridians for needle placement. However, there is an overlap in the changes to the nervous system such as stress relief, analgesic effect, and mental clarity.

Dry Needling Services

  • $200 Initial Consultation - 1 hour
  • $115 Follow-Ups - 45 minutes