Glenside PA - How I Spent The Day In This Great City

Best Tourist attractions in Glenside, PA

Glenside, PA alone may not be of interest to you without the compliment that comes with the attractions within it. The City offers numerous attractions for the visitors and even the locals to enjoy. These attractions range from natural features, sports events, cultural events and even national and historical designations. Most tourist attractions in Glenside are unique to this city and therefore offer a rich experience that the visitors would otherwise struggle to get from elsewhere. Here are some of the best tourist attractions in Glenside, PA

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

The garden is located at 1020 South Street, Philadelphia and has 3,000 square feet (280m2) space that has been mosaiced. Therefore, the garden majorly offers gallery space. What makes Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens different from many attractions in the country is its uniqueness in being the attraction with the largest work ever done by renowned mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar; this is the first property that Isaiah Zagar did a mosaic on. The mosaic in the garden features almost everything you would be interested to see including bike wheels, kitchen tiles, Latin-American art, and china plates. While still in the garden, you may be privileged to take part in their mosaic workshops, witness performances, and be educated on many programs including gardening. The garden is available for the public visit from Wednesday to Monday.

The Mütter Museum

This is a medical museum found in the Center City area of Philadelphia, PA. It features huge collection unconventional medical equipment, pathological and anatomical specimen, models of wax, and some ancient medical equipment. This museum was initially designated for use in education and biomedical research. The museum offers over 3000 skeletons (Skeletal specimens). Besides, the museum has the tallest human skeleton on display (in North America) with a height of 7.6 feet.

The museum also has 139 human skulls on its display.
The museum also boasts of possessing about 1500 wet specimens from the 19th-21st centuries, including tumors, cysts and other pathological components from virtually all organs in the human body. For instance, the cells of the famous U.S presidents' assassins are available in the museum. One more thing, this museum is the only place you'll have the opportunity to view parts the brain cells of Albert Einstein. There are many more specimens, including wax models in the museum. Consider this museum as your next visit target when getting to Glenside, PA because there are very few medical museums of this caliber currently available for access to the public.

Linvilla Orchards

The Linvilla Orchards is located at 137 W Knowlton Rd, Media, PA 19063, USA. It’s one of the best tourist attraction points in Glenside, PA that provides for the family needs. There are plenty of activities you can enjoy once you visit Linvilla Orchards including taking pony rides, train rides, and animal rides, hay rides. You can also enjoy family time at the play area among other areas. There’s also a farmers’ market within Linvilla Orchards. There is plenty of food and snacks in this attraction site including ice cream, Apple cider donuts, blooming onions, burgers, funnel cake, cheesesteak, hot dogs, pizza, and fries, among others. Linvilla Orchards is one place that gives you the opportunity to have fun to the fullest with your family, friends or colleagues.