The Best Parks and Museums Located In Glenside PA


Glenside is one of the towns in the U.S bordering the North Philadelphia which is located in Abington, Springfield, and Cheltenham. The population is not big, and its strategic location makes it the best place for the vacations. Further, the area has several museums, parks and big restaurant with exciting features and are suitable for holidays. The site has ideal climate characterized by hot summer, and also its accessibility is facilitated by its proximity to many national roads. Considering its features, Glenside is the best place one can dream of going on vacation. Here are some of the best museums and parks to visit in Glenside.

1. Glenside Museum

Glenside museum is located in one of the universities in Glenside known as Glenside University. Having started by a psychiatric consultant, the first works of the foundation were found in the Glenside hospital, and the items were stored on the balcony of the dining hall of Glenside. After some time, the building was closed, and there was a need for relocation. The collection was then moved to Glenside chapel where the items increased each day, and that is when the place was built to be a museum. It has been operational for a long time, and it is still even today.
The collections of the museum include some paraphernalia and other images showing the life and the history of Glenside hospital. Regarding the entrance or the admission fees, this institution does not charge any feel and depends so much on donations to run its activities. Most painting and drawings are kept in the chancel, and visitors access them from there. It is a beautiful place to be since it gives knowledge of the origin of the hospital and supplements the knowledge using spectaculars images and paintings to provide a real picture of how it.

2. Woodmere Art Museum

The museum was started back in the year 1845-1916 to give the history of the Philadelphia arts and artists. That principle has been honored throughout the years to date. The museums displays over six hundred paintings and sculptures by different artists in appreciation of their work and for the marketing reasons. Also, the museum preserves paperwork from different artists as well which are very impressive and eye-catching. The paperwork includes various drawings and paintings.
Operational time of this museum is from Tuesday through Thursday beginning at 10 am to 5 p.m. On Sundays, the galleries only open at 1 pm and close at 5 pm. The admission is free of charge, and this makes the museum even more exciting and the perfect choice for people who wish to go for any event in a gallery. The most beautiful thing in the hall is the existence of the docent program which is a guide that can help visitors in answering any questions that they might have during the visit with ease.

3. Glenside Grove Park

Glenside Grove Park is a 2.88-acre park in size, and its location is on Lynnewood Avenue in Glenside. Before, the park was part of the George Heist Estate till recently when it was moved to the edge of the creek and was meticulously parked in a way that was so interesting. The park gets support from the community around, and people will volunteer to come over and plant trees of different species and at the end of the day, so many trees will be planted. The community also helped in the installation of the healthy riparian buffer which helped in the preservation of the creek's health. The scenery of the trees from different species planted along the stream is immaculate, and one will never get bored looking at it. The shallow waterway which is very transparent is also striking to look at which makes this part very interesting to visit.

4. Penbryn Park

Penbryn Park is known for its featured cultural characteristics. The park is said to be a nine-minute walking distance from the beach to mean that even within the compound it still gives the scene of the beach. This park offers someone a sense of being home but also with more advanced things that makes the vacation more interesting. The most exciting thing in this park is the existence of the Hunter field resulting from the Hunters intramural program and soccer games are frequently held. The visitors can be entertained by holding the games as they watch.